Dark Migrations

Session: 14 Feb '14

Game time: 11 November,2011

1am-1:30 am: Dario and Skylar drive back to Sterling.

1:30am-2am: Dario and Skylar search for (and find) a back way (under the fence) onto Nap’s property.

2am-2:30am: Skylar approaches Nap House directly, and is admitted. Meanwhile, Dario and Skylar’s dogs enter under the fence and begin steallthing up towards the rear of the house. Meanwhile, Lorenzo is stationed within view/shot of the front of the house (down by the front gate) with the rental car and Skylar’s hunting rifle.

Skylar meets again with Arthur Nap, who is annoyed at the further interruption. Skylar presents Preston’s order to submit to arrest: Nap scoffs at Preston’s authority and refuses. He conducts Skylar down to his basement labORatory. There, he displays his current test subject (the Nosferatu Nikolai “Kolya” Andreavich Ivanov and briefly explains his research into developing a new Coil of the Dragon. Nap means to conquer the ‘twin evils’ of Vitae addiction and the Blood Bond. Naps escorts Skylar to a cell in his prison room, and leaves her after Dominating her: “Don’t try to escape.” Dee Palmer and Jared are in the next cell: they converse briefly. Skylar askes for and receives some writing materials (including several sharp pencils).

2:30am-3:00am Kolya, prior to research-torture, hears Nap instructing Clovis to ‘move Consuela to the cabin.’ in anticpation of trouble with Preston. Kolya is then attached to a mortician’s embalming pump and has his Vitae mingled and exchanged with corrosive chemicals, to great agony. His screams and curses are greatly disturbing to Dee, and Skylar shuts them out by focusing on Science! and her bio-film research.

Dario observes a State Patrol car burning out of town at speed, and determines that the time is right. He approaches the house as Clovis and Cavall appear at the rear, and Sklyar’s dogs charge out to ‘play’ with the mastiff.. Dario approaches a boarded-up basement window and kicks it in, entering the lab. He finds and releases Kolya, and the two then let out Skylar and Dee. The three also remove ta stake from a Torpid female Kindred from a crate in the lab… but she does not revive at once. Skylar tells Dee to run (with Jared) to the front of the property and wait. Skylar also exits the house and moves to intrcept Clovis as he attempts to leave the property in a SUV. She fails to dissuade him from leaving, and shoots out the front tire of the SUV instead, then speeds back to the house. Meanwhile, Nap enters the lab, and a fight ensues. Nap burns Kolya and Dario with overhead sun-lamps. Kolya Frenzies and piles on Nap… who is unreasonably fixated on Dario because the latter successfully ‘lashed out’ with his predatory aura A horde of rats (summoned by Nap)pour through the broken basement window to attack Dario. Skylar re-enters the basement and sticks a pencil in Nap’s back before being Dominated to ‘Kill the Russian!’ Dario carves some pieces out of Nap with his rapier, and then Kolya successfully finishes driving Skylar’s pencil into Nap’s heart, paralyzing him.


JiraiyaAddams JiraiyaAddams

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