Dark Migrations

Session: 24 Jan '14

Game time: 10 Nov '11

5:30-6pm Dario’s Retainer Lorenzo has left several voice-mails. Dee Palmer has checked out of her Motel 6, and headed south (and west) eventually ending by checking into a motel in Sterling. No further messages. Dario tries calling Lorenzo several times for the next few hours: straight to voice mail.

6-7pm: Dario and Skylar meet with Muriel and report. .Meanwhile, Muriel has already phoned Svoboda and reported, and arranged a meeting at the public library. Skylar feeds from a young woman at The Dark.

7-8pm The situation is discussed at length, Revenants, draugr, lemures, and dhampir are all brought up. Svoboda intimates her foreign policy: Anchorage is the 800 pound gorilla… that still must be careful of being swarmed by smaller creatures. Svoboda remembers Arthur Nap,(Ventrue, Ordo Dracul) the Prince of Sterling, from when he passed through Anchorage in ’the late 40s" . He went on to found Naptowne (Sterling) shortly thereafter. Preston says that Nap is reclusive, and does not attend regional Ordo Dracul meetings. He is evasive about his correspondence with Nap. Svoboda asks Dario (as a non-Anchorage vampire) to travel (with Skylar) to Sterling to gather more info and report. Skylar phones Carlos, who pleads other commitments on his time and politely begs off further involvement. Otis is nowhere to be seen or heard of…

8-9pm Skylar drops Dario off at his hotel, where he gets his sword and lint-rollers. Skylar goes home, loads her 3 dogs and rifle into the SUV, then picks up Dario. The 2+ hit the road for Sterling.

9-11am Dario and Skylar on the road to Sterling (snow and ice on the roads)


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