Fitka Koktelash

Native Blood-Witch


Kindred gossip like washerwomen. This is what is ‘known’ about Fitka:
She was born c. 1935 in the Indian village of Eklutna (now within the Municipality of Anchorage). Josiah Stone was ‘an old friend of the family’ who knew Fitka from infancy, and fell in love with her as she matured. Fitka returned his passion (if not his love?) without knowing his secret, and Josiah gained Svoboda’s permission to Embrace the young woman in 1960. Revealing his nature, Josiah was shocked by her visceral horror/revulsion and absolute refusal. Provoked to frenzy, Josiah drained her dry and then Embraced her.
Naturally, the affair was over. Fitka grudgingly accepted Josiah’s tutelage but pushed for release as soon as possible. Her hatred of Josiah spilled over onto Svoboda when the latter refused to punish the former for his ‘crime.’ Nathan offered her friendship, but was rebuffed. Soon she left Anchorage entirely.
She returned 10 years later, after a decade of nomadic adventure across Alaska, Canada, and the U.S. Somewhere in her wanderings she joined the Circle of the Crone and learned quit a bit of Cruac. Seemingly calmer and more confident, she established herself anew.
Fitka has been granted an ‘unconventional domain’ over the city’s Native American population (5-6% of the population) and has been known to be quite vicious in defending them against poaching nomads. Despite her claim to exclusive feeding rights, Fitka is thought to primarily hunt and feed on white men.
Fitka has a not-really-friendly rivalry with Fiona Danaher, based on their opposed religious views and competition for magical supremacy. They have never dueled, but often try to ‘one-up’ each other over whose mojo can be of most use to the Domain.
Fitka travels often, and is sometimes absent for weeks at a time. She is known to have extensive contacts throughout Alaska’s Native communities, as well as various neo-pagan groups,
Fitka is often found in Eklutna, usually in or near the Native Russian Orthodox cemetery. Her Haven and ritual temple are surely nearby.


Fitka Koktelash

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