Dark Migrations

Session: 7 Feb '14

Game time: 10-11 Nov '11

11pm-12am —Dario and Skylar arrive in Sterling and easily find the big Nap House on the hill. The two simply drive up to the front gate and ask for admittance, which is granted. The 2 meet Clovis, who refers to Arthur Nap as his father, and also Cavall the mastiff. Clovis addresses the two by name: apparently they are expected. Arthur Nap arrives and shows the to the sitting room: Dario and Skylar both balk at sitting near the roaring fireplace.Nap Chides Dario for sending Lorenzo into his territory: he is unhurt but a captive: Lorenzo appears briefly to confirm this. When asked about the vampire infant, Nap calmly acknowledges it’s existence and his ‘paternity’, but takes the legalistic stance that since Jared was Released, Nap as Sire has no further responsibility for any actions taken by Jared or ‘his Thrall’, Dee. He brushes off questions about ‘why’?’ with vague references to an experiment in progress. He claims to be extending sanctuary to his errant progeny, thus deflecting requests to surrender the baby and his mother. Stymied on that front, Dario negotiates for Lorenzo’s release. Nap initially demands that Dario drink from his wrist, but modifies this demand when Skylar suggests that Dario drink from Jared instead. Dario agrees, and the deal is struck. The infant is produced, and Dario drinks. Skylar, looking into the abyss of Jared’s eyes, sees only the Beast. Meanwhile, Skylar has noticed that Nap has a spot of red on his sleeve, and smells Kindred (Nosferatu) Vitae. Concentrating, she senses the faint auras of several other Kindred nearby. With courtesy on both sides, Skylar, Dario, and Lorenzo depart (reclaiming Dario’s rental car in the process.)

11Nov, 2014 12am-12;30am Dario and Skylar drive away. They begin the drive back to Anchorage, shadowed for a few miles by an ASP patrol car.

12:30-1:00am On the roadside, Lorenzo and the rental car are searched. Skylar finds some bugs on Lorenzo The two report via phone to Svoboda and Preston. Ultimately (after Svoboda’s temper cools) it is decided that Dario and Skylar should act (on Preston’s authority) as agents of the Ordo Dracul and arrest Nap on charges of harming the interests of that covenant. The two plan to have Skylar go alone back to Nap House and distract Nap/gather intelligence, while Dario and Lorenzo try to sneak onto the property for a surprise attack.


JiraiyaAddams JiraiyaAddams

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