Nikolai "Kolya" Andreavich Ivanov

Old school Russian gangster


Physical Description

A broadly muscled Russian man of slightly above average height, heavily covered in Russian gang tattoos.

Name Nikolai Andreavich Ivanov Mask Deviant Clan Nosferatu
Aliases Kolya, Beliya Vorona Dirge Scholar Covenant Circle of the Crone
Escape the Madman’s Lab
Establish a criminal powerbase
Find a Touchstone


Intelligence 3 Strength 3 Presence 2
Wits 3 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 2
Resolve 3 Stamina 3 Composure 2
Initiative 6
Defense 3 (8)


Investigation: 2 Athletics: 1 Expression: 2
Occult: 2 (Russian) Brawl: 4 (Grapple) Intimidation: 2
Larceny: 4 Streetwise: 3 (Vor)
Stealth: 2
Weaponry: 1 (Stakes)


Merits Disciplines Traits
Circle of the Crone Status: 1 Crúac: 2 Health: 8
Contacts (Russian Mob): 1 Obfuscate: 3 Willpower: 5
Language (English): 1 Vigor: 2 Blood Potency: 1
Language (Fenya): 1 Celerity: 1 Humanity: 4
Defensive Combat (Brawl): 1
Close Quarters Combat: 2
Resources: 2

Expendable Resources

Type Current Maximum
Vitae 4 10
Willpower 0 5


-1 -2 -3
X / / / /

Conditions: Vitae Addiction


Taste of Knowledge (•)
The ritualist must perform this ritual immediately before feeding from a vessel. While feeding, she learns one piece of personal information about the vessel — one thing the vessel feels is of immediate importance. On a dramatic failure, the vessel learns the piece of personal information about the vampire that she feels is of most immediate importance. This ritual works on supernatural creatures just as well as on mortals, as long as the creature has Vitae to drink. The piece of information gleaned through this ritual is gained in place of one Vitae.
The roll to activate this power is penalized by the subject’s Resolve.

Cheval (••)
Target number of successes: 5
Resisted: by Composure
The subject of this ritual must be present at the casting, being physically touched by the ritualist. For the rest of the night, the ritualist may see and hear what the subject does, no matter how far away she is.


Gained Spent Current
Experience 100 88 12
Purchase Cost Session
Resolve to 2 10 0
Resolve to 3 15 0
Celerity to 1 7 0
Athletics to 1 3 0
Crúac to 2 14 0
Vigor to 1 5 0
VIgor to 2 10 2
Resources to 1 2 7
Resources to 2 4 7
Obfuscate to 3 15 12
Stake Specialty in Weaponry 3 13
Source Amount Session
Starting 50 0
Starting Humanity 10 0
Wiki Entry 1 0
Session 1 XP 1 1
Session 2 XP 2 2
Session 3 XP 5 3
Session 4 XP 2 4
Session 5 XP 2 5
Session 6 XP 2 6
Session 7 XP 2 7
Session 8 XP 3 8
Session 9 XP 2 9
Session 10 XP 2 10
Session 11 XP 2 11
Session 12 XP 3 12
Session 13 XP 3 13
Session 14 XP 2 14
Session 15 & 16 XP 6 16

Born in 1939, Kolya’s family were itinerant wanderers: tinkers and minstrels, and had been for many generations. Not ethnically Gypsies, but treated just as poorly, they lived on the fringes of Russian society. With the advent of Stalinism Kolya’s family were forcibly settled on a commune outside of Stalingrad.

Kolya’s father died in the Great Patriotic War, and he and his mother were ostracized and marginalized within their forced community. As Kolya got older, he fell in with a bad crowd becoming a petty thief. Not surprisingly he ended up in and out of the Soviet prison system. In prison Kolya quickly became a respected member of the Vory V Zakone, the “Thieves of the Code” who ruled the soviet prison system. As a Vor, Kolya abided by a strict code of conduct which included refusing to assist the government in any way. Not surprisingly this resulted in more jail time for Kolya.

In 1973 Kolya was in one of his brief stints outside the prison system. He was living in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) running a small gambling den and stealing what he could. He was embraced by a vampire claiming to be Koschei the Deathless, a lich from slavic folk lore. Koschei claimed to have just awakened from a long torpor, and to be working against the soviet government and the vampires who had infiltrated it. Kolya was recruited to control the Vory for Koschei and his coven. Koschei inducted Kolya into the Circle of the Crone, to a coven run by a Vampire claiming to be Baba Yaga.

Kolya worked with this coven for 20 years, until the fall of the Soviet government. At that point Baba Yaga retired to torpor, and Koschei vanished. Kolya moved to Moscow and took on a prominent role in the nascent Russian underworld. For another 10 years Kolya was a mover and shaker in the Moscow criminal world, but by the turn of the century he was losing influence. The traditional Vory, who came up in the soviet prison system, were giving way to a new breed of gangster. Instead of being social outcasts and outsiders they were from traditional power groups: former KGB agents and government ministers. CEOs of government utilities. The Invictus Vampires who had run the Soviet government. These new gangsters had little use for outsiders like Kolya with their strict rules against working with the government.

Kolya could see which way the wind was blowing and fled Moscow before someone decided he was too great a threat. Using his underworld contacts Kolya arranged to be smuggled into America on a container ship. He slipped into torpor voluntarily while his contacts packed him in a shipment of vacuum tubes. Unfortunately for Kolya his scheduled arrival date in the United States was September 13th, 2001.

In the panic around 9/11 Kolya’s shipment was somehow forgotten (or maybe someone got to his “friends?”), and he’s been in torpor since.

Play Notes:

Kolya’s Shopping List

-Fitka: Circle Acolyte, native woman

-Deano Delgato: Nosferatu Elder Invictus

-Otis: Nosf Acolyte

Nikolai "Kolya" Andreavich Ivanov

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