Weapon: M34 White Phosphorus Grenade

weapon (ranged)

The M34 White Phosphorus Smoke Grenade or “Willie Pete” was a chemical grenade manufactured by Rocky Mountain Arsenal1 used by U.S. forces during the Vietnam War and was also used during the First Gulf War. The M34 WP Grenade was a variant of the M15 designed to be usable as a rifle grenade using the M2 series of grenade launching adapters, and was ribbed to give the fins better grip on the grenade body.2
The Grenade

The M34 body was made with either compressed fibers or plastic cylinder. The body contained 15 ounces of White Phosphorus. The M34 used a M206A2 Fuse. Overall the grenade weighed a total of 27 ounces.3

Weight 27 oz (770 g)
Length 5.5 in
Diameter 2.375 in (60.3 mm)
Effective firing range 30 meters (Thrown by average soldier)
Maximum firing range Burst Radius of 17 meters
Filling White Phosphorus
Filling weight 15 oz (430 g)
Pyrotechnic delay M206A2 fuse—4 seconds


Weapon: M34 White Phosphorus Grenade

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