Dark Migrations

Session 21 March, 2014

Game Time: 11 November, 2011

3:00am Though Arthur Nap is staked and immobilized, the fight continues as Skylar follows her Dominated agenda. She fends off Kolya’s distracted attempts to sweep her out of his way (the Frenzied Nosferatu still intent on Nap’s destruction) and she puts several pistol rounds into him. This get’s the Russian’s attention sufficiently to turn on her land a hard punch on the Mekhet. Dario catches Skylar’s gaze and establishes his own influence, ordering her away from Kolya. But before that order can take effect, the pain of Kolya’s blow snaps her out of the mesmeric trances of both Ventrue.

Meanwhile, Dario grabs a fire extinguisher and repels the rats clinging to his lower body, leaving a red ruin behind. He snatches up a few of the rats to suck them dry and heal.

Kolya returns his attention to Nap, and begins to drain his remaining Vitae. Skylar, afraid that the Russian means to diablerize Nap (which she has heard would Be Very Bad.) tires to reach him with verbal entreaties. Whether because of this or not, Kolya does stop drinking when Nap’s veins are empty.

He then grasps Naps head and convulsively yanks it clean off the mad doctor’s shoulders, bringing him Final Death! The Beast thus satisfied, Kolya’s Frenzy ends… although it doesn’t recede as far as it once did (Kolya’s player fails the Detachment roll for ‘impassioned killing’ and Kolya drops to Humanity 4)

3:00am-3:30am The dust begins to settle. Skylar and Dario begin searching the house, while Kolya goes outside to collect Clovis and his SUV. He finds Clovis unconscious without apparent cause, searching the vehicle he finds another Kindred, a very old and dessicated female with the stub of a stake protruding from her chest.

Returning to the house, Kolya spies Lorenzo down on the road, also unconscious. Going to investigate, he finds the Argentine suffering from a blow to the head. Awakening him, he finds that Dee hit him from behind and apparently stole the rental car (and Skylar’s rifle). The tracks in the snow head off in the direction of Anchorage. Kolya takes Lorenzo back to the house.

Skylar makes short work of Nap’s old-fashioned safe, opening it’s combination lock with the help of her preternatural senses. Inside she finds a buch of records in various formats (old hand-written journals, tape reels, cassettes, computer printouts, old 5-inch floppies, modern CDs, etc…) She uploads as much of the computer data as she can to a newly-created Dropbox account, and takes the physical records, replacing them with some jewelry she took from Nap’s bedroom. She shuts up the safe again.

Dario busies himself similarly, but with a focus on Nap’s financial records. Both of them listen to a police scanner program on the library computer, and find no local radio chatter about events in Sterling… but a lot of talk about a manhunt in Wassila for a wanted fugitive sighted there earlier….

Kolya sweeps the house, pocketing any loose cash and guns…

3:30am-4:30am Lorenzo is put to rest on a couch, and Clovis is revived from his swoon. (It is speculated the shock of his Blood Bond to Nap shocked him to fainting). The ‘young man’ (actually 90ish) is fairly cooperative. He is actually Arthur’s great-nephew, Jeremy, and was chosen for his uncanny physical resemblance to his ancestor. He apologizes to Kolya for his involvement in the torture (the Russian is cool and noncommittal in acceptance). He says the dessicated Kindred he was moving is Consuela, Nap’s former lover. He Blood Bond her, and then greatly regretted it, staking her decades ago until he could perfect a means of breaking the Vinculum. through the development of a new Coil.

Skylar calls Preston and reports. He tells her to bring everybody (captives and rescuees) and all the records back to Anchorage. He will arrange a safe-house and apprise then en route.

Dividing the load between Skylar’s and Nap’s SUVs, the group sets out to return to Anchorage.

4:30am-6:30am. Driving back to Anchorage. Partway back, they discover a Stae Police car run off the road with an unconscious trooper inside. Jeremy/Clovis IDs him as one of Nap’s other ghouls. Skylar call in an anonymous tip to the SP so he can get rescued.


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